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Marc Jampole's Music From Words
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More on Music from Words author, Marc Jampole
Excerpts from Music from Words
Link to Interview of Marc Jampole by Cervena Barva Press
Marc Jampole reads at the main branch of the Carnegie Library
Marc Jampole reads at the historic Parker House
Marc Jampole Reads Poems from Music from Words
Music From Words
"If you like well-written poetry and enjoy an intellectual challenge, I highly recommend Music from Words. You won't be disappointed."
  Adrienne Muncy,
"Marc Jampole's Music from Words is a good read for adults who want to put their thinking caps on."
  Pam Rosenblatt, Wilderness House Literary Review
"Jampole is absolutely unique in the way he expresses his material, especially with regard to sound, meter and rhythm."
– Michael Wurster, Small Press Review
"This book is amazing."
– Gloria Mindock, editor, Cervena Barva Press
Shelby Stephenson's Family Matters: Homage to July, the Slave Girl
Shelby Stephenson has been named North Carolina’s new poet laureate
An intense and heart-breaking poetic narrative which, in its exploration of historical and personal materials, holds affinities to the work of Susan Howe and to James Agee’s classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Family Matters is a strenuous questioning — and exposure — of the fictions of ownership, whether of persons or places, graves or farms.
  - Allen Grossman, final judge,
2008 Bellday Prize competition
Family Matters
More on Family Matters author Shelby Stephenson
Excerpts from Family Matters: Homage to July, the Slave Girl
Shelby Stephenson Reads Poems from Family Matters: Homage to July, the Slave Girl
2010 Bellday Prize Award Winner: Leslie Williams
"A reader never knows what is coming next in the poems of Success of the Seed Plants—they move as one would cross a stream, by adroitly leaping from rock to rock. The mood here therefore feels risky, as the narrator gambles against falling. I found her mental agility exhilarating."
  – Lucia Perillo, final judge, 2010 Bellday Prize competition
Success of the Seed Plants
More on Success of the Seed Plants author, Leslie Williams
Excerpts from Success of the Seed Plants
Leslie Williams reads poems from Success of the Seed Plants
Richard Robbins' Radioactive City
More on Radioactive City author, Richard Robbins
Excerpts from Radioactive City
Richard Robbins reads poems from Radioactive City
Radioactive City
"Robbins can spin a hitherto-undiscovered cosmos out of a single, wayward proposition, but he never loses footing in the radiant, mortal, given world."
  – Linda Gregerson, Final Judge
2012 Bellday Prize Award Winner: Dennis Finnell
"Pie     8 is casual with the big stuff, a little tough, maybe, but also a little sorry about that. Like America? These poems feel real – while making you wonder what 'real' could possibly mean."
  – Rae Armantrout
Pie     8
Dennis Finnell reads poems from Pie     8
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