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Small Diaspora

From exuberant hanging gardens
populous with knaves—

rakes, lotharios, libertines,
paladins, princelings, brigands, rogues,
paramours, suitors, swain—

right now everywhere
corn-fed boys are lacing cleats
and spilling out of dugouts,

(bound in the willow
a certain strain)

right now in sacred jars
a clutch of early text,

— beaux, coxcombs, gentlemen, flame—

right now driving down a street never
seen before,

my little sons buckled into booster seats
wearing superhero capes.

I like their attitude!

I like the salty parks crew
that brings more soil
for the neighborhood, away

across the river from
the disapproving dames—

where dilettantes can simply
take delight,

and amateurs make their way
with only the authority of love.

-Leslie Williams

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